Girls of the Week

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Time Moves Fast

Once I found her I hired a two-hour date and was waiting for the time to come. I took a shower beforehand and was waiting for her. She entered the bathroom to take a shower as well. I took this time to lay down on the bed and wait for her. Once she left the bathroom she was in a pair of sexy red lingerie. Her high heels were also in red which turned me on as a bull would. I was stunned by her beauty and all I was thinking was taking her clothes off but I restrained myself for the moment. Her hand pushed me down the bed gently and she was on top of me in no time. She began to touch me everywhere. Starting from my chest and moving her hand down to my cock. The teen London escort I chose realized I was hard and started undressing me. Starting from my shirt and moving down to my jeans and boxer shorts. She gave freedom to my dick and started moving her hand up and down to make it even hard. Once I was at my peak she started licking it and not gonna lie that was the best blowjob I ever received. I would die to see her head move up and down in front of my eyes one more time.

Fun Moments In Bed

At the same time I was touching her boobs and the heat transmitted was compared to my ex. She stopped for a bit and decided to give me a little striptease. In the most sexual way possible she took off her giant bras and stockings revealing her amazing curves in front of me. Seeing her in that form was a total delight for my eyes. Every movement she made charmed and seduced me to my core. I couldn’t resist anymore so I grabbed her arms and laid her down on the bed. She spread her legs in a magnificent way, closed her eyes, and started moaning. We tried different positions together and everything was made on consent. Once I felt I was about to finish I quickly told her and she started with her handjob once again. It was a great finish in her face and she gave me that grim of satisfaction and smiled at me. We both were exhausted but very happy.


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