Girls of the Week

I had always heard lots of stories about the quality of London escorts and probably read lots of reviews from other lucky gentlemen who had the privilege of spending time with those fantastic Babes. When I decided to visit London, I couldn’t resist the thinking of trying out one of these amazing babes. However, my fantasies were different from those my friends had, if not weird. I always wanted a threesome with a duo of London escorts. Those amazing babes operate as a duo to please and satisfy every client they get.

I quickly started surfing the net, trying to find the girls that would make my night special. I found an agency where girls were not only stunning, but their reviews were all positive as well. 100Kisses escort agency or Theory love escort agency are my top recommendations for people who have the same wishes as I do. What I found in those two escort agencies where stunning girls with multiple services to please a man and on top of that with great reviews. You could tell a professional agency by the way they treat their clients. I spoke to the sweet receptionist to ask for recommendations, and they quickly asked me for the type of woman I want to be with. They gave me the best suggestions I could ask for. A tip for new clients it’s that during the booking time, you can ask for any extraordinary detail you wish to be taken care of. Starting from an outfit, makeup idea, or any feature that would please you.

Meeting up with them

It’s almost night time when my chosen escort knocks on the door of my hotel. I was immediately stunned by their beauty and friendly character. Do you have enough stamina to manage us? That question was the first thing they told me. If anything, that question turned me on even more, and I made a promise that I would be the most memorable client she ever had, so she better be prepared for a long marathon under the bedsheets. I love naughty talk, and so did they. It was a great way to build chemistry between them and me. She was a brunette London escort, and her partner was a blonde London escort. When you can’t make up your mind whether you want blonde or brunette, why not have them both. I cannot describe in words the amount of fun I had with them. They were everything a male can wish for in his life. I still have the memories I got gifted that day. To give me an authentic pse experience, they even allowed me to film a part of our encounter so I could flex on my friends.

Ending the night

Both of them were under the smoking escorts London category, and I have a fetish for sexy girls who smoke. After wild sex, we chill on the balcony of our hotel, having a smoke and enjoying the view. I couldn’t express how happy I was that night, thanks to them. I decided to leave them a tip because they walked the extra mile to please me off. Those girls are the reason my life memories are much happier now. Whenever I get stressed at work or have problems in my life, I remember that glorious night where I got to have sex with two of the most stunning girls I’ve seen in my life.
Life’s all about making memories, and my memories are the best I could wish for. I will never forget that fantastic night in London, and I will always go back in their arms as soon as I get back to that fantastic city.