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About Canadian Escorts London.

Same-origin, similar culture and for sure the same taste. Canada and its snowy climate host some of the hottest females on earth. Quite contradictory, I know. Canadian Escorts in London have a lot in common but a lot different. Most Canadians also speak French. With is a quite interesting language to know by default. But not only that, Canadians are lovers, not fighters. Canadians are friendly, charming, and are passionate lovers. Form a cultural standpoint of view, they just are a slightly improved version of the Americans.

Why choose Our Canadian Escorts.

Because it’s familiar and far away. Canadian women don’t really have any persistent common traits, as they are from Europe, and various other countries. The reason why you should choose Canadian Escorts in London is not because of their ethnicity, but because of the nice quality pool of different types of escorts. Canadians, though, don’t share many physical attributes, but they do share personal attributes, like friendliness, intelligence. Being loving and passionate. and many more alike qualities. But most importantly our Canadian escorts are highly professional and experienced at their job. With their special training and long years of experience, they are able to be the best at delivering you the best quality of service right at your door. This is why you should choose these Canadian Escorts.

Why pick 100 Kisses Escort Agency.

100 Kisses Escort Agency has to offer some of the best Canadian Escorts in Central London.  The experience and professionalism is the reason why these escorts are how they are!  During an outcall booking, our ladies will be dressed as you may request. Not only that but one of the main reasons to  why you should always choose us is because we are one of the most reliable agencies out here!

The culture in Canada is so diverse that it has been considered the most diverse country in terms of women, you can find all kinds of accents, cultures, colors, types, and shapes, which makes Canadian Escorts in London have the same customs. If there is one thing these companions have, it is that they are very responsible, attentive, friendly, and honest, so you don’t have to worry about them not being on time for the evening or taking something important away from you, it won’t happen!


Attractive is definitely a word that should remind you of these ladies once you need them, come on, have you ever has an attractive and hot Canadian in front of you? She will make you shiver at the sight of her and something more than your eyes will awaken at the sight of her. 


Redhead Canadian girls to hire in London

Did you know that hair color attracts people much more than other physical characteristics? We don’t say so, science says so. That is why we dedicate a special space to our Canadian redhead escorts for hire right here in London. Canadian redhead women for hire in London abound and we are well aware of how happy you are to fulfill fantasies with these girls, these companions are here to drive you crazy! With their freckles, light-colored eyes that match their fiery hair, and their spectacular personalities they will have you hooked.


These Canadian redhead escorts are lionesses in bed. And if you don’t believe us, ask anyone who has been with them. They are hot and passionate, are you ready to find out for yourself?


Hire escort from Canada in London

Hiring a companion from Canada with 100 kisses is possible because we have a great variety of Canadian ladies here to have a special evening with you. These girls are usually slim and sculpted figures, you can also hire blonde escorts who are among the most demanded by our clients and honestly, who could resist. The mature companions from Canada are ready to give you pleasure and even the milfs are waiting for you, do not wait any longer and choose the one that most attracts you according to your needs, take that step that step that will take you to a night without regrets where you will be the protagonist of an evening full of lust and crazy sex with these Canadian escorts. 

Date woman from Canada in London

Having a date in London with a woman from Canada is a fantasy that of course, we can fulfill, 100 kisses is not here to disappoint you, on the contrary, we are ready to fulfill whatever comes out of your mouth. Adult and young escorts in Canada are ready to date you and fulfill your darkest desires, let those hidden thoughts come to light, and let these Canadian escorts make them come true.


On your date they will help you to make the most of all the potential of that evening, offering you quite common services such as oral sex or erotic massages to something more exciting as sexual practices out of the ordinary, they are professionals in the art of sex, they will be your teachers, now the question is, do you have your uniform ready for the class? Being naked is valid because these Canadian escorts will show you what they are made of. These girls will know how to take your hand to introduce you to a world full of passion and eroticism. 


Gallery with escorts from Canada

Check out our gallery with companions from Canada. Hiring escorts through the number one escort agency in London is increasing. Making it increasingly possible for you to have the most varied options in Canadian escorts: young, mature, milf, redheads, blondes, brunettes, slim and more are here. We advise you to enter as many times as necessary to our gallery every time you want with you a Canadian lady because from the time we are updating with more girls who join the special family of 100 kisses. For us, the most important thing is that these girls feel confident so that they can transmit that peace and happiness to you.


Here we only have the best, with completely real photos that we take of the girls once they are part at 100 kisses. You don’t have to worry if what you see in the picture is not what you will receive in person, on the contrary, they are only there to exceed your every expectation. 


Independent escort from Canada London

You can find independent escorts from Canada in London here. Loneliness is something we don’t want you to experience anymore, leave that aside and get out of your routine with our beautiful independent ladies, we know that sometimes work can be a bit heavy. So these girls can give you that massage you need so much to forget about your daily stress and end up with a passionate round of uncontrolled sex. Once these girls enter the room there is no way you will be able to take your eyes off their beautiful body imitating hourglass curves. We don’t blame you, we know it’s pretty hard to miss the gorgeous body and sexy curves of these Canadian escorts!