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What are CIF escorts London

Hey there to all of you who are wondering what CIF escorts are and what can you expect from them. We need to make one thing clear you can expect anything from them because that’s what they are, girls that like to live wildly and take new challenges. CIF escorts in London are the kind of escorts that after a sex night or making out together will allow you to throw the juice of life right into their faces. Don’t tell us that we didn’t warn you because everything they are doing its something that they like and takes pleasure from it. Some girls need a special kind of intimacy while they are doing this kind of service but we found the perfect ones for you that won’t mind taking all your load on their faces.

Learn about CIF

CIF started early like a sing of dominance or humiliation to the woman that the man was having sex but nowadays it’s more like a pleasurable act than something like that. These sexy CIF escorts in London that work for our agency have even more things in the store waiting for you until you get at that climax level where you unleash all the cum you have. CIF stands for Cum in Face and this is one of the most well known and loved things from a man in general to do after they finish. Fucking and then getting to have a woman there teasing you and watching up while licking her lips will make you more aroused to cum on her than ever. A facial is a sexual activity in which a man ejaculates semen onto the face of one or more sexual partners.

Best CIF companions

These girls as we said to have all the things a man needs to have immense fun and pleasure that’s why every guy that wants to book a girl searches for one of the CIF, COB or COT to make them more dominant. All man like to be superior to their women and getting a girl that subjects to him it’s far much better for his ego and the orgasm that he may get. Some of the most wanted girls for this kind of service are here at our agency waiting for that special man that will tease and please them at the same time. If you like one of our CIF escorts in London then we think it’s the right moment for you to show that affection and make it yours for a night.

Why choose 100 kisses escort agency

Our agency’s special and we offer a lot of services for all of our clients that we get. We have 77 services that our girls like and know how to do so its just your taste on how to pick them that is missing on here. If you pick them right in a way that you may enjoy every single service in one night than everything you ever wished will come into reality with one of our beautiful CIF escorts in London. It’s no wonder that we are getting better with time because working hard and giving always the best experiences to our clients makes us be much more wanted.

Book our models

Booking a special lady for your birthday as a gift for yourself or a friend at our agency will beat any other surprises that you may have thought. Everyone would love a girl with a curvy body and a sexy bum that drives even the most skeptic man on a believer. These CIF escorts in London know what they do and if you always wanted to see something that you never had the chance to book one of them right away. Your girl maybe doesn’t permit you to practice that kind of fetish but if you come to the right place than our girls are more than ready to welcome all the warm cum you have for them.

Many clients find CIF ladies exciting once they have seen this in porn over and over again, you no longer have to feel sad to imagine that this can’t happen to you. At 100 kisses CIF escorts in London are there to please your desires and sensations, making all that you have had inside your mind for a long time come true. Stop having that fantasy in secret and let these CIF companions exceed your expectations, we can make something clear these girls are not afraid of anything and much less to allow you to fill their beautiful faces with cum, you should not worry about the makeup these professionals know very well what they do and how to look sexy even being full of everything you had retained within you, we know you have some things to liberate. 


Let these girls turn you on once they have their gaze fixed on you and bite their lips waiting for you to cum all over them, it’s one of our client’s favorite activities, don’t say we didn’t warn you, your desired pornstar are waiting for you too, so what exactly are you waiting for?


What CIF means?

Here we have the answers to every one of your questions, if you ever wondered what CIF means we can solve it. CIF is the abbreviation of cum in face, referring to having your favorite lady in front of you while you drain the liquid of life on her spectacular face and you will see her enjoying the moment, your pleasure is her satisfaction. It is a sexual activity in which a man ejaculates cum on the face of one or more companions, it is quite popular and well known in porn movies.


That is why it is so important for us as an agency to have the best companions in the industry available for you whenever and wherever you need them. They are not afraid of these topics and much fewer taboos that could be related. No doubt they will be clear in that moment and aware of what will happen they will leave their beautiful faces at your disposal, while you fill her with cum reaching the climax of the moment.


The best CIF escorts you’ve ever seen

In case you still have any doubts, we must clarify that we have the best CIF escorts you could have ever imagined, these CIFs are professionals to show you that you can make all your fantasies come true. They are as passionate about CIF as you are, they will be your favorite porn stars letting you put your cum in their faces. The experience is undoubtedly exciting, extraordinary, and unique and it becomes more and more interesting once you are with these escorts who enjoy the experience in such an organic way that will make you feel comfortable and happy with every second of the evening. 


You don’t have to limit yourself to anything, you can start a great night by letting these girls take control and make you enjoy some pretty passionate and strong sex, then let you cum all over their faces while they smile and let you know how much fun they are having. Isn’t that one of your dreams? With the best London escorts, you can make it come true.


100 kisses has girls that offer CIF services!

Yes! Just as you read it, your CIF companions are ready to recreate your favorite porn movie offering you the service of cum on their faces and much more, here we do not limit ourselves to just that. No matter if you prefer a young escort, mature escort, milf, BBW, blonde, or brunette, there is nothing we can’t make happen at your trusted 100 kisses agency. Since they are all professionals in the art of cum in the face, they are very clear about what you have and what you want to expect from them, so they will always want to exceed your expectations. Leave the porn movies aside and live the experience with a real CIF companion, who can be that porn star you have so idealized in your mind, but taking it to levels that go beyond anything you have ever known on this planet.


They are sensual, passionate, and very good in bed. There is nothing these girls lack to offer you the CIF services you have dreamed of and to show you that the only important thing in bed is you. You will have a night full of infinite passion and pleasure if you have already decided for any of them we consider that it is the right time to make your night even more exciting than what your perverse mind is imagining, happy endings exist and you will be to see the face of your favorite CIF companion full of your semen. 


Do you have independent CIF escorts?

Every man likes to feel some superiority, the independent CIF escorts of our agency know how to be your submissive while letting your cum over their face, so that your orgasm is something satisfying. We have the best independent ladies in London ready for you. 


We all have fantasies and CIF companions are not afraid of sex and do whatever it takes to make you feel pleased in every second of that special evening. Where only eroticism, good sex, and cum on your face will reign as a golden brooch. Believe it or not, they will continue with these games as long as necessary and it will excite you to know that they will not look away from you or your hard cock ready to cover their face with your cum. Passion for CIF is in their blood!