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CIM Escorts London

What is CIM escorts London

Are you in the mood to make a cake for the day? Even if you are not these girls need to force out all that cream that you stored in your balls for them. If you are ready to take things on another level after the finishing part comes these ladies will wait for you open-mouthed for all the juice that you have. It never gets old and we know that because having a sexy escort in her knees waiting for that sperm you got must be hot. These CIM escorts in London don’t fear anything and we know that this kind of service is something that they get pleasure and feel.

Learn about CIM

CIM escorts in London are those girls that you can’t mess around. If they say that they will do this kind of thing just for you, they will and then everything would be more interesting at the sex part. They never get tired and the ones that do this kind of service like to explore new dimensions of sex and love at the bed. Being curious and open-minded helps them to make our guys feel more secure about their masculinity and their big friend downstairs. There is nothing better than getting to know a fancy lady on the outside and a kinky one on the other, the entertainment will surely get on another level.

Best CIM escort girls

This is a pretty simple service but it requires a strong mindset and intimacy by the escorts and not only that, even the skill is necessary here. Doing all this kind of stuff its easy for our best CIM escorts in London that will enjoy every single drop of sperm that goes into their mouth. They like this kind of stuff and when they do its something that the man loves. During different sex times that you enjoyed yourself how much girls were okay with you throwing your cum on their mouths? We can already hear your response, just a minimum of them and maybe they didn’t even seem to like it. These sexy escorts will make it worth the time that you did spend on them because nothing comes before your happiness into their eyes. They want you to experience all the dreams that you had in-store at your head and they will not find peace until you express them into reality.

Why choose 100 kisses escort agency

Our agency’s one of the best at this kind of service because we have a lot of girls that are determined and ready to make it happen. CIM escorts in London is special and being this way they like to be seen with the special eye. They love to make even the most challenging services happen because seeing the man in front of them happy makes them more aroused. There are a ton of things that she could do to you like to play with some toys, having a roleplay together and even doing a GFE service. That’s why our agency it’s one of the best because our girls don’t have just one or two services but a lot more in store for you.

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If you didn’t make up your mind on who to pick than its time we give you a little hint about all our girls that we got. They are hot and the curvy bodies that they have will surely leave you speechless with their dresses on or off. You will get the same outcome because these stunning CIM escorts in London will benefit from you and make that cock rain into their mouths making things sexy in the middle of the night. We would love to see your facial expression when you relief all the cream that you have and watch her lick every drop that came out of those swollen lips that she’s got.

These CIM escorts will be open-mouthed and not just because they are impressed with you, but they are ready to receive all that cum you have been holding in your balls waiting for that amazing moment. What could be better than having the girl of your dreams on her knees begging you to cum inside her mouth? We know this may be a dream you want to fulfill and we can make it come true. 


It is one of those services that will never go out of trend and our CIM escorts really gett off on the idea of having you on there for them. Your breathing will accelerate, you will feel your body turn on, and when feeling ready to ejaculate in the women’s mouth of our agency, you will close your eyes and only your moans will be heard filling every space of the room, both of you will enjoy this intimate and special moment, which you will not regret for a second. Some of our girls who like this kind of intimate service are ready waiting for you, they won’t mind swallowing all your thick semen as long as they satisfy your every need, don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Blow job + CIM = best experience you can ever do

Today we bring you the perfect equation that will give you the result you’ve been looking for, that of absolute excitement. It’s no secret that the blow job is one of the favorite fantasies of our clients and why not accompany it with that happy ending: cum in the mouth of the lady of your dreams. If your girl doesn’t like to practice this kind of fetish that fulfills you, then 100 kisses is the best option for you, since it has the best escorts who know how to use their mouths to receive all that hot cum that you have only reserved for them.


Their soft lips in conjunction with their tongue and mouth will relentlessly give you the best blowjob of your life, they will suck, lick and kiss your stiff cock, you will be so excited that you will not be able to contain all the excitement that these spectacular women cause you, to end up ejaculating in their mouths. Hire CIM companions t give you the best experience you have ever had. Without hesitation, do it, you don’t know what you have been missing, what an unspeakable pleasure!


What CIM means?

CIM stands for cum in the mouth. This service is a favorite of our clients who love to see their escorts with their mouths full of cum and then lick every last drop of cum out of their mouths and swollen lips. We don’t blame you if just reading this has made your friend on the second floor get up, just contact our friendly receptionists for a prompt solution. Fortunately for you, our companions are available anytime you need them. 


We are sure that very few girls like to give this kind of service, but our ladies love what they do, that dedication makes you enjoy every penny you have paid for this evening. 


Here’s how to hire CIM escorts

Our agency is the best to offer this kind of service because we hire the most dedicated companions in London, we focus on these girls to look exactly like the picture you will see to make your final decision, also we look for them to be professional, elegant, sensual, beautiful and very polite; everything you need to have quality service. 


If you have not decided which CIM lady o choose, it is time to give you a little help among all the girls we have. You can choose between young CIM escorts, mature CIM escorts, CIM milf, blondes, brunettes, redheads, slim, curvy, busty, or whatever you prefer, there are so many options that we know how difficult it can be to make a decision, That’s why our friendly team of professionals will know how to take care of each of your doubts so you can find the ideal CIM companion for you. Even CIM porn starts can be found at 100kisses, you will know that all of them have a special charm and you will not get them out of your mind so easily. 


These girls will make you live a different adventure, they are not afraid to show you everything they are capable of. These sensual bodies will leave you breathless once they take off all their clothes and expose everything they have in store. Let your cock rain on their mouths all that cum ready to be savored by them.


Why choose 100 kisses to have the best CIM of your life?

It is no secret to anyone that 100 kisses has the best CIM companions, our girls can not only offer you but many of them in one booking. We have elegant, decisive, passionate, educated, and professional girls who are experienced enough to know how to give you the best blowjob in the world and then let all your cum in their mouths. That curiosity and open mind make them offer you a really good service that you will not regret, they will enjoy every drop of cum that falls in their mouths and you will enjoy fulfilling that fetish you fantasized about so much.


In case you still have any doubts, which is something we think is very unlikely. Just imagine a blonde who doesn’t take her eyes off you while she waits for you to empty all your hot semen in her mouth or a young escort eager to keep on experimenting with how to make you moan during the whole evening. Doubts? We know there are none, book now!