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What are COT escorts London

There are a lot of places that you could cum on a girl’s body but one of the best choices it’s her tongue. COT escorts in London live to make you happy and get that aroused cock pleased in all the ways possible because that’s what they love to do. Getting to meet one of these ladies with an open mind and a lot of services that you will surely appreciate once they start doing them.

Learn about COT

COT escorts in London like everything that involves your warm cum into their tongue and this is why they accept it. Most of the girls are skeptic about doing this kind of service on a client and they refuse to make things this intimate. We found experienced escorts that will not say no to this type of sexual fetish because they will enjoy it as much as the man loves it.

Best COT companions

These special COT escorts in London are not just to receive your cum into their tongue because they can make much more than that. Until you come at your finalization and the highest peak of the orgasm you can try and make out with them using all the services they got. If the girl you booked has toys on her service than why not take benefit of that and using them to make her pussy drip.

Why choose 100 Kisses Escort Agency

If you chose our agency than this means one thing, you loved the service that we gave to you when we received the booking or you just loved the COT escorts in London that we got. Either way, this shows the true power that a great agency has when they start to make things the right way for both ends. If the client is happy and pleased there is nothing more than that to make us happy too. We like to know all the wishes of our clients because that’s the only way we can be one step ahead of the other agencies and improve ourselves.

Book our models

COT escorts in London are waiting for you and all it needs its just a simple booking to one of these amazing ladies. These girls have only good reviews because they know how to make things interesting and keep them spicy for the night. If you never had the chance to cum on a sexy girl’s tongue than this is the chance you were waiting for. These COT escorts in London will open their mouths and pull out that red tongue that aroused you all night and give the permission that you always wanted. Cum on her and finalize the orgasm that she put you through in the best way possible.

Do you like to cum on the tities of our COT escorts? Or maybe you like to cum on her tongue? You don’t have to decide to keep one part of her precious body if you can do it in both places. Enhance your sex life once you fulfill each of your desires, fantasies, and fetishes, the benefits of hiring our COT companions to go beyond the pleasures you experience with orgasm, it is taking your experience to the next level.


With you, they want to misbehave. In your bed, they will become a vice. You can expect anything from them because these ladies are not afraid to share wild in bed, you can try all the positions you want with them and then cum on their tities or tongues, they will love it as much as you do. What is your favorite place? We assure you that any of them will turn you on in a way you have never felt before.


Date COT escort London

Dare to have a date with our COT escorts in London. If the looks will kill one of them will make love to you, once you have them in front of you and you are reaching orgasm these companions will allow you to cum on their tities and tongue. We recommend you to be prepared with sunscreen or some ice for all the heat that will be in that room once they are in unbridled sex where escorts will not stay quiet until they achieve their only goal: that you finish on them. 


You can book a date with our COT ladies as many times as you want, the day you want, and even the time you want! The only thing that is on our calendar for today is that you get the best experience once these girls bring out everything they are capable of doing to you. Let yourself get involved in a date where the special guest is extreme pleasure, while they enjoy sex in a thousand ways and when the game must be over you have them on their knees waiting for your stiff cock to spurt all the cum they want on their tits and tongue.

Best COT Escort London Agency

We are the best COT escort agency in London. Let our ladies can reduce your stress, improve your mood and take you to a year of passion where the only thing that matters is that you can cum on their tities or tongue without fear of anything, let your hot semen run down their sculpted bodies. These are some of the benefits of hiring a professional companion service to relax body and mind with 100 kisses. We have the best collection of stunning women in London because we love to give you much more than what you need, we have years in this industry because we focus on the desires of all our clients.


Why resist hiring a COT escort eager for you to cum on her? Hire today and give your loneliness a break. Increase your presence once you book them and take them to a special event. The women of our agency will follow all your instructions in and out of bed, you just ask and they will make it happen.

Cheap at twice the Price

If you don’t want your pocket to be compromised so you can have an amazing night, we have cheap COT escorts for you. You have little money but you want to cum all over our beautiful, sensual, and sculptural girls? We have the possibility for you to enjoy every penny you have invested in this evening, you don’t have to be a millionaire to feel like one. Our COT ladies will make you feel like it will be the best money spent in the world and believe us when we tell you that it is cheap.


Price should never be a factor for our clients not to enjoy their sexuality to the fullest. The night will lend itself to an adventure, the two of you under that sky that will witness what will happen in those four walls where desire will reign and cummings on your tits or tongue will be the best ending you both can have. 

Tities or tongue?

No matter where you want to cum, the important thing is that both places will excite you, we know that cummings on our girls is one of the most desired fantasies for each of our clients, and for us, it is important to have the widest variety of companions for you: independent COT escorts, mature, young, blonde, brunette, curvy. busty, with big lips or whatever, the important thing is that they all have a common goal and that you cum on them. 


Some of the most sought-after girls for this type of service are here in our agency waiting for you, let them bite their lips wishing that your semen runs through the most exciting parts of their body. These COT girls will turn any skeptic into a believer, are you ready to spend an evening with these goddesses? Their tits and tongues are ready.