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Cross Dressing Escorts London

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What is Cross Dressing escorts London

They’re not so many strange fetishes in the sex life but this one takes a place on the strangest. Cross Dressing escorts in London are those types of girls that can help a man feel woman for a night, dressing him like them, doing some makeup and why not even putting some high heels for the sake of it. This is a very special fetish that needs very special care from an experienced escort because not everyone could pull it out.

Learn about Cross Dressing

Cross Dressing escorts in London started when things got a little bit nicer for this kind of people that wanted things like this. Before they had the shame on their backs to have the courage and ask for something like this to the escorts they booked. Nowadays this is something that they don’t fear to ask but even some of them love to try for the first time. Cross-dressing is the act of wearing items of clothing and other accouterments commonly associated with the opposite sex within a particular society.

Best Cross Dressing companions

The absolute best Cross Dressing escorts in London are here to make things happen and make all the feeling you got to have a voice and image. They will help you through all the process taking care of your skin with the very own products that they use and applying makeup of your liking. They know everything starting from the heavy makeup until the light one. This is why we said that this kind of client deserves only the best girls for themselves, those that can keep a secret.

Why choose 100 Kisses Escort Agency

Our agency never gives confidential information about our clients because this will be a complete privacy violation. We don’t do this even secretly because we respect our clients and their wishes and fantasies. We never talk with the others about the fetishes a specific person asks or wants and that makes us a completely reliable agency in the eyes of the people. Cross Dressing escorts in London can be the most flirtatious girls that you will ever meet in your life.

Book our models

If you are new at this kind of sex fetish and you want to explore than you may feel free to do so with one of our Cross Dressing escorts in London that is waiting for you. We can say that there are a lot of girls that can make you feel better with yourself and all the fantasy that you would like to bring to life. They are great companions and smart so they will support you through all the process of cross-dressing. Book one of our sexy escorts right now so you can start the fun night that you always dreamed of, this will be perfect to lose all the heavy stress of the day in one single night.

Nowadays, there is nothing that 100 kisses can’t make happen and clients are not only looking for a Cross-Dressing Escorts London service that meets their needs but also allows them to satisfy their tastes, interests, desires, and even their emotions. In other words, each one of them is looking for an unparalleled experience. This is what these ladies can help you achieve and what they will give you, if you are a man but want to dress like a woman, why hide it? Our beautiful cross-dressing companions will treat it with total naturalness because they are professionals in this.


Leave prejudices aside and immerse yourself in a world where you can achieve all that you have long had in the depths of your imagination. The idea of these girls is that you can feel with absolutely every part of the evening, if trying female clothes is part of you then you, we can assure you that you came to the right place. Explore your sensual and hidden side where you can let your desires be evident as these ladies will be the perfect choice to make each of them come true.


What are cross-dressing escorts in London?

Cross-dressing” is that word that is used to designate that attitude of “crossing or going across” referring to the preference in dressing. These companions can help you achieve that transition you have always dreamed of in a professional, discreet and efficient way. They are the kind of girls that can help any of our clients feel the way they want to feel for one night, whether it is dressing them as a woman, doing their makeup, and making them feel the way they have been waiting for.


We know it’s not the most common fetish but that’s why we have cross-dressing escorts who are specialists in bringing out the feminine side of you. If you want things to happen 100 kisses is the option for you, let your femininity come out, that feature of your personality that you have hidden and have not dared to show, at some point you need to bring it to light, and what better to do them with professionals in the field as they are our companions.


The best cross-dressing experience

You will live the best cross-dressing experience at 100 kisses. The goal is to go beyond the expectations you may have set for yourself. To achieve that “wow” once you share with our companions and take that fetish of dressing like the other gender to the next level. This does not mean that it will be an expensive service or that it is far away from everything else we can offer but above all, it is listening and understanding what you need to identify your expectations and give you the best experience. 


Creativity is the best ally of these escorts know how to include role-playing, lingerie, POV, boots, rubber outfits, leather outfits, makeup, and much more, here we have no limits of any kind for you to have a moment full of fun, joy, sensuality, relaxation and with the best quality that represent us. There are no shortcuts or easy ways to do things, our ladies work hard to give you a service that will remain in your mind as a memory full of passion and happiness, where you dared to fulfill each of your fetishes and fantasies. If you have doubts about how the service will be, then it is time to change your perspective, because Cross-Dressing Escorts only have in their mind to please you and make you happy.


These girls with a wardrobe full of cross-dressing are ready to serve you!

These girls with a wardrobe full of cross-dressing are waiting for you, our favorite client, to dare to have this incredible evening, with a closet full of the interesting garment with which you can experiment and explore aspects of your feminity that you did not think possible, so you can elevate your pleasure and sensations many levels beyond what you has as expectations. They are girls who love to dress their clients, they know very well this fetish and how to carry out the cross-dressing so that both feel excited and thrilled.


We have the best girls in our agency, those who know very well how to keep secrets due to their professionalism. They will blow you away once you are behind closed doors with them, you can choose from our wide catalog of young girls, milf, blondes, brunettes, who can show you how is the domination or as you prefer the important thing is to explore your sensual side and believe us that they will help you with that. 


What can you do if you like to dress as a woman?

The only thing you can do if you like to dress up as a woman is to date a cross-dressing beauty in London, you already have your ideal plan for your evening, where you can bring out exactly what you want to experience without fear of anything. We can say that we have many companions that can make you feel better about yourself, about what you want to express, and about all the fantasy you want to bring to reality. Our escorts are ideal if you want to change sex for a night, they love to dress our clients up because they are passionate about what they do.