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Face Sitting Escorts London

What is Face Sitting escorts in London

The world of escorts it’s infinite and every day comes something new and special to try but the Face sitting escorts in London are here for a while. We are really happy to have them and getting those special girls to meet their special clients. Their wet pussy it’s the main attraction for a guy and this is what makes Face Sitting a joy to behold for them. Getting a girl just for yourself with the energy to rub your pussy on your face all night its never been so easy than this.

Learn about Facesitting

Face sitting escorts in London are the most searched ones because they know how to make a man feel pleasure all the time without stopping. This kind of service was done at that age by the queens of japan to humiliate their soldiers and get the maximum amount of satisfaction by them. This is a fetish that at the time we are living now, a man sees it as another thing they need to explore. That’s why they like to get a lady who rubs all the juice of her pussy and clit to their face and nose. Facesitting, also known as queening or kinging, is a sexual practice in which one partner sits on or over the other’s face, typically to allow or force oral-genital or oral-anal contact.

Best Face Sitting companions

Imagine sniffing that peach smell that these girls have between those legs that will get open just for your pleasure. Face sitting escorts in London will never get enough about the fun that you will give to them because nothing will be more interesting than the relationship you two will form. It’s one of the greatest things to book a girl that has some nice and interesting services that could go well with this kind of fetish and will arouse your cock. She may give you a nice handjob while doing it or grabbing your head with her hands making you push your nose inside that tasty pussy that smells like heaven.

Why choose 100 Kisses Escort Agency

Choosing our agency it’s a well-thought choice because this is why we are here to make things happen and get everything that our client wants on the right path. We try to understand them and guide their needs to the oasis of pleasure with one of the girls that we have. If he is a macho he can prove himself even with some of our special duos that will be more than ready to take on a challenge like this one for the sake of it. Face sitting Escorts in London are here to give you their peach without any extra thought so give them a good lick.

Book our models

Our Face sitting escorts in London will never be more pleased if you let them make out before going onto the real deal. They love the first part that takes them to sex and this is why they will try to make all this more natural and not just some client sex. With these babes, you will feel that there is something more, like the passion and the curiosity that you always had with the first girl that you ever had sex. This will not be something that could be forgotten in a day or two, because it will take years to get the smell of their pussy out of your nose. That smell will make you hard just by thinking about it when you are alone or when you are getting ready to have sex or a facesitting session with another one. Trust our girls and everything will go as you planned it on your head.

Face Sitting Escorts London

At 100 kisses we are experts in finding and providing new and interesting ways for our clients to receive pleasure, we are not satisfied with the ordinary, that’s why we have a variety of beautiful face sitting escorts London available for you. They are girls capable of making you feel the unthinkable, their wet and hot pelvises will be on your face provoking a very powerful sexual attraction. Dating a face sitting babe in London is now one of those fantasies that you are about to make come true. 

It is a fact that all girls like and enjoy penetration, but without a doubt, to get to that point you must drive them crazy, your tongue, nose, and lips will be your best allies to achieve a safe orgasm. Surely just reading this has provoked you to do it already, if you like to be dominated and that she has control, our amazing girls can help you to fulfill each of your desires. 

What is Face Sitting?

Face sitting is a sexual position where ladies sit on your face so they can receive the best kiss ever. Depending on the circumstance this position can be frontal or reverse. It is widely used to show control, humiliation, and superiority. It doesn’t have to be limited to oral sex since with your hands you can help the stimulation as much as they decide, they will fully enjoy an oral-genital service. The companions will be able to control everything during this magical moment: the posture, the speed of the kisses, the movements, and the time of masturbation. You will only limit yourself to be controlled and enjoy as much as she does. Are you ready to try the throne of the queen?

Which Escorts are The Best for Face Sitting?

All of our companions are beautiful girls who will be able to fulfill your wildest fantasies. But these are options favored by our clients, such as mature face sitting escorts are an ideal choice because the experience they have will help them achieve orgasm more easily. Japanese face sitting girls, milf face sitting escorts and lesbian face sitting escorts will make you feel like one of the luckiest men in the world with their beautiful bodies on top of you. Ass on face escorts knows very well how to move their greatest attributes on your face and show you who is in charge. In addition to the local ladies who enjoy face sitting as much as anyone else. And so we could go on mentioning girls, all of them are incredible options, everything will depend on what you want to receive, you are just one step away from living a night that you will not be able to get out of your mind. 

Say Goodbye to Sitting on Chairs

The 21st century came to leave taboos aside, that’s why face sitting is one of those sexual practices that is part of this revolution. Why only experience sitting on a chair if you can let the girls of your dreams sit on your face? The intensity of pleasure and orgasm can be maximized if both of you let yourselves go, our companions are professional girls who know how to successfully perform all kinds of positions in bed.

They know how much they can immobilize you so that it is only your turn to be part of this perverse game, you can have up skirt face sitting escorts who can’t resist being on top of you and while the fabric gently caresses your face, your mouth and tongue caress her genitals. Sitting on face companions are ready for you, believe us when we say that chairs are not their thing, they are looking for something better to satisfy themselves and that is you. 

The Pleasure of Face Sitting

Face sitting is one of the most pleasurable positions, no matter if you are a man or a woman, everyone can practice it. Face sitting lesbians are a hit and you can have them at your disposal whenever you want, this position causes sensations that you won’t believe possible before you try it. She will move by increasing her arousal of both of you while you feel her sweet taste in your mouth, every moment of that adventure will remain engraved in your mind, where you lived an adventure full of domination and submission. Women can also pee on him or squirt on his face, nothing better than fulfilling more than one fantasy at a time. Meet face sitting companions today and experience what the world’s pleasure means!

Face Sitting and BDSM 

Face sitting can be part of BDSM because we involve dominance and submission to achieve a forced face sitting if the client prefers it. In London there are various degrees of intensities in this practice, from the simplest to the most aggressive, you decide which one suits your needs. You can be completely tied up by our beautiful companions where you will not even be allowed to touch yourself or them, receiving humiliation until you reach orgasm.  The Face Sitting Escorts London have long perfected their technique to deliver quality service and that you feel completely satisfied with the experience you are going to live, if your thing is submission then get on board the train of passion because our girls are ready to sit on your face and while you feel their hot and we body you will understand why you wanted it so much.