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Here are some other amazing escorts you can date

It is no secret that the vast majority of men prefer an experienced woman or a mature woman who fully enjoys their sexuality. And that is why the word mature is still the number one searched word in this industry as well as in pornography. 

Perhaps you are an adult businessman looking for the company of an attractive woman who is not your daughter’s age, but closer to what would be your own? What if, on the other hand, you are a younger guy who loves to be in the company of a mature and exciting woman? You can feel confident that you’ll find the ideal choice right here. Not all companions within 100 kisses are under 30, we have beautiful girls who are over 35 and you will be amazed at all the options available just for you. 

Things to do with a mature escort in London

Mature girls are special because they offer love, excitement, teachings, new experiences, and affection to clients from all over the world. The things you can do with these companions are so many that you will be amazed, starting with mentioning that you will experience new adventures as they have experienced enough to know what every man needs. 

You might be surprised to know that dating an elegant and beautiful older woman is the fantasy of many people in London, this is what makes them so in demand. But have you ever wondered exactly what you can do with them? They have many services that adapt to the needs of each client, they can go with you from a special event in which you need an elegant mature or a casual night of drinks in which you want to have fun but spend a nice time next to a girl who has many topics of conversation.

In bed, they are crazy; due to their wide experience, they have knowledge in many subjects and have dared to try many positions, toys, and practices that you may not even know about. Don’t be afraid to be an open book and tell them exactly what you expect from the evening and which particular fantasy you want to fulfill. We assure you that you will be glad to have talked about more.

Our Mature London Escorts will manage to take you to the most exquisite doses of pleasure in the world. You will see how your stiff cock enjoys watching such passionate women across the room with their beautiful bodies to teach you everything they have learned over the years. Once you taste the delicious knowledge of pleasure and lust there will be no turning back, they know how to handle their evenings like no one else, how to interact with every client, how to drive you crazy and they understand how to show you the difference between something ordinary and something shocking!

Why MILF escorts London are the right choice?

There are many reasons why Milf Escorts London are the right choice. They are exceptionally attractive, confident, and experienced in what they have to offer. They are not playing games; they came to add to the industry and our agency that excellence they are known for. They know how to satisfy their clients and, because they are older, they are also excellent conversationalists. 

Our sexy aged escorts are not just for older men, they cater to several ages and tastes that are exciting. In today’s modern world, it can be said that age is just a number for young men and that is why they are so in demand. Anyone would be attracted to a mature, exciting, fearless, and intelligent woman, regardless of age. While a young mind is still discovering what it wants, a mature mind provides knowledge, sensations, and new experiences, that’s why they are a favorite for all clients. 

They are aware of their needs, desires, deficiencies and have a better understanding of what a partner may desire. Do you fantasize about being with a MILF or a mother you would like to fuck until you see her doubled over with pleasure? Is it your dream to date an experienced lover but with no restrictions? If so, we assure you that some of our companions are available to be the perfect choice for you. You won’t regret choosing this category as your favorite.

Choosing the right Agency for Mature Escorts in London

100 kisses have years in the escort industry offering the best quality services for each of its users. In London, there are agencies that you could choose to hire this type of service, but we specialize in quality, variety, and honesty. That has been the key to our success in becoming the most sought-after agency by everyone. 

If you contact a companion service like 100 kisses, keep in mind that the one you are choosing has a lot of ideas of how to do things right from the beginning which will be fascinating for you to be able to have experience linked with exceptional service. Being respectful will go a long way to enhance a good booking as our team of friendly receptionists will be respectful to you. 

It is possible that among so many options available you will be confused about which one will be the right choice for you. Our sexy milf escorts are so varied that you may find it difficult to choose just one, don’t worry, our receptionists will make the best recommendations to suit your needs. It is also possible that you want a girl who is not available at that moment; we assure you that with our help we will find the best solution from looking for other options until you have exactly one of your dreams. 

You can find different images in the gallery to give you an idea of how sexy our mature ladies are. Those pictures are updated in real-time so you can check back as many times as you need until you have the ideal one, from brunettes, blondes, petite, tall, slim to different nationalities. You will find it all at 100 kisses!

Mature London escorts offer a range of services

Our mature companions are desirable women who are ready to give you the time of your life. That is the wonderful thing about hiring this type of service as they are trained to give you the fantasies of your dreams.

One of the main reasons why they are a favorite of all clients is because of the number of services they can offer. Thanks to their experience these middle aged women have been able to try different practices, techniques, sensations, toys, role-playing, and much more, which makes them exceptional to drive any man crazy. 

If you are one of those daring clients who need more than just common sex you should look no further because you have come to the right place. You can rest assured knowing that our ladies have been working hard to improve and expand their services, their only goal is that you leave more than satisfied with the results. Break out of the mold to fulfill your wildest fantasies. They have learned various styles of sex, so it won’t be difficult for you to explain what you want and that’s exactly what we expect so they can bring out the best in you and your sensations. 

Knowledge is power, that’s why our mature escort girls can drive anyone crazy. They are versatile as they have learned a variety of skills to apply before, during, and after the wild and crazy sex encounter. Unlike a girl who is new to the industry, a Mature Escorts in London would live up to what your expectations are. 

They can add services like BDSM, CUM, massages, porn actresses, role play, sex toys, exciting fetishes, and many more. Discover them only here.

How to book a MILF escort

Booking with our older escorts has never been as easy as it is now. Once you have the woman of your dreams in mind, the rest will be hassle free. What is usually a problem for our clients is having to choose between so many beautiful options. 

You should contact our receptionists who will help you choose the right one and arrange the schedule, availability, transfer, service and much more. You don’t have to worry about anything because at 100 kisses we can take care of everything. You only have to wait a few minutes to live a real escort experience; we know that you and your cock will be anxious, they will knock on your door ready for action. Are you ready?


If you have high expectations you are in the right place, because only in our agency you will be able to find experienced mature companions that have the best performance in the industry. We have worked for years to find the best women from all over the world who are old enough to be considered mature.

You will have a wide selection of women from 35 years old and up ready to give you the best night of your life. If you were looking for excellence you will be happy to know that they only offer the highest quality service for clients as special as you.