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Milking/Lactating Escorts London

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What are Milking/Lactating escorts in London

We know that this as a fetish may look strange but it’s now. There are a lot of guys that don’t break through all the mothering part that they experienced when they were little. That’s why the necessity for Milking/Lactating escorts in London its growing day by day because this kind of thing ensures them the care and milk they got at that time. The most important thing its that these guys try to improvise even their childish desires of touching the boobs and sucking it for themselves.

Learn about Milking/Lactating

Milking it’s a phenomenon that was since the early ages where guys liked to put their lips on the boobs and stay there for a time. With the change that the world got nowadays Milking/Lactating escorts in London are hard to find but once you identify them you won’t allow yourself to lose them anymore. It’s a really special and intimate feeling that brings these girls close to the client. A feeling of care and love its shown always in the milking time. Lactation describes the secretion of milk from the mammary glands and the period of time that a mother lactates to feed her young.

Best Milking/Lactating companions

The most amazing girls that we managed to find are all gathered here. At first, it was hard to find Milking/Lactating escorts in London that are able to do this since its something that comes with the pregnancy. But there is a rare case of females that can produce milk from their boobs at any time that they want. Their milk’s on small quantity but this doesn’t stop the aroused man that came and booked her just for this kind of specialty. If you are not happy with just this kind of thing than they have a lot of other services for you to try and have fun.

Why choose 100 kisses Escort Agency

It doesn’t matter what girl you choose if you chose us than anyone that you will pick would be an absolute bombshell ready to make you feel blessed. Milking/Lactating escorts in London are here because we make them feel safe and trust in their ability to make things work. We would love to make our clients happy with any kind of service that they want and this is why we are working hard every day to bring new things to the industry.

Book our models

Booking these girls it’s an amazing feeling, especially when you think about all the time that you will be sucking those hard nipples for some milk. It needs some time until the first drops will come into your mouth but everything will be worth that sweet taste. You can make things interesting using a pump to get that boob dry and drink ¼ of the glass it will produce. It all depends on your choice and liking because the Milking/Lactating escorts in London are waiting.