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What are Period Play escorts London

Did you ever felt a need to have sex once with a girl but she gave you that kind of “no” response that this is not their day? Well, probably must have been her period day and that’s why you got refused. No more refusals for you when it comes to these Period Play escorts in London that will take your cock into them even if that’s not their day. It is said that during the periods the female manages to be more aroused and feel much more sexual desire than ever so give it a try if that thing was in your mind all this time.

Learn about Period Play

The Period Play escorts in London have no problems when it comes to fucking with their periods on because this kind of thing makes them feel more alive. They like the feeling of blood coming down their pussy while a man pounds it all night just like it’s their last time fucking. This kind of fetish gives the man a nice feeling because the female feels more and it looks just like they are breaking their virginity again.

Best Period Play companions

The hottest and sexy escort girls that love this kind of service are here at us because it’s the only way they can get known in this industry. We help them achieve all the career pleasures and they help all our clients achieve their horniest levels so its an equal thing. Period Play escorts in London are a must if you never tried one of them because all the pleasure that they can give its one of a kind.

Why choose 100 Kisses Escort Agency

Our escort agency likes to be here at all times that a client may have a special need for a special service just like this one is. We got the best ladies, not for nothing but to make this man fall in love with them and come back for more every time that they leave from their arms. This kind of strategy worked miracles and we are really happy that we made a wish came true in the best possible way.

Book our models

If you book now one of our Period Play escorts in London you will make a gift to yourself in the first place. We say this because the girls we got are truly experts in all the most used sex positions that a man can know and their flexibility and character allow them to try new things every time. You may be the lucky guy if you don’t waste any more time and trust us it is better if you don’t because you can use it to fuck these horny babes waiting for your cock.