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Pimlico Escorts SW1

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About Pimlico in London SW1:

In this article, we are not going to talk about a big area but for sure not a quiet and boring area. Pimlico is a small area but you can find everything that you need in that small corner. Pimlico is a small area of Central London in the City of Westminster. Like neighbouring Belgravia, on to which it was built as a southern extension, Pimlico is known for its garden squares and Regency architecture. But if you are a resident or a visitor that doesn’t have much to do then for sure one of the Pimlico Escorts is going to be there to rescue you. All you need to do is to choose the destination.

Why Pimlico Escorts:

The fact that its a small place made us believe that there are not needed too many escorts. But there is one thing for sure that all the girls that are there are a-class girls. Bars, restaurants, parties, pubs and lots of other options. It doesn’t matter what activities you like to join. Our Pimlico Escorts are supportive and for sure updated. Also, a fact is that all the girls that are placed in this area are different from each other. In a small area like Pimlico, you can find brunettes, blondes, tall, short, big busty, Latins and Eastern Europen.

Why picking from 100 Kisses Escorts:

The fact that we have placed all these girls in a small area like Pimlico means that we care. And in the same way that we care about the quality that our clients will get. All girls who become part of our company have criteria.  Experience is our main focus so when our clients will be ready to have some fun they will get what they are looking for. In this way, we got all those 5 stars reviews. All the clients who have already tried our company are really pleased and for sure they have booked more than one time. Be part of 100 Kisses Escorts with only one call and get the best Pimlico escorts.