Russian Escort London



About Russian escorts London.

We all know about Russia and its glorious country. Russia is famous for a lot of things, from the birth of communism to  WW2 to the cold war. Russia nowadays is still famous for all of those things, but now it is also famous for its smoking hot women. Especially in the Escort game, these Russian escorts London are highly sought after, since there is so much badass associated with Russians, and who doesn’t want to fuck with that?

Why pick Our Russian Escorts.

Because Russian escorts London are some of the hottest and most sexy demographic in the world. Russians are the purest Slavic people out there, and Slavic people are very hot. Mostly due to the association with Russians as these strong, badass and fun to hang around people.  This stereotype is not all false, however, not all of them are like this. Some Russians are warm loving and passionate. (weird… I know!).Another reason to choose Russian Escorts is that they are in high numbers here in London. So they can be pretty quick and easy to find. Another thing about them is that they are highly professional and experienced at this job. This allows them to give you the best quality of service.

Why choose 100 Kisses Escort Agency.

Well, to get straight to the point, our women are highly professional and experienced, and that is a major point as to why you should choose our escorts, besides the fact that they are also extremly sexy.   And as a fun little twist, we add around the beer bottle is that you can choose what our escorts wear! And it isn’t that exotic, because we also let your imagination run wild. Not only that but one fo the main reasons to why you should choose us is because we offer some of the best services possible.