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Are you one of those who prefer to make a Submission Escorts London shiver like no other while doing your every wild command? Does it sound tempting? If so, one of our girls is the ideal choice to make you feel like the boss, and master of the whole evening. You will be the one in control. You will immediately notice how they only have a desire to satisfy your every whim and command without even hesitating. 

For no one is a secret that submission and domination are the most demanded fetishes by all, they have some interesting features where they can satisfy the curiosities and desires of a large percentage of sexually active and open-minded adults. 

Since Fifty Shades of Grey hit our screens and the most popular bookshelves in London everyone has started to popularize this more frequently, although few people possess the sexual confidence to make the exciting paragraphs within the book come to life in bed.

For this, you need not worry of course, as the true submission is an art, and for the most erotic adventures with a real submissive, you’ve come to the right place! Our ladies are the artists in charge of making your nights the most exciting in the whole world. 

There are many escorts on the scene who like to give discipline, but not many who are willing to accept it. However, fortunately for you, our submissive ladies are here to change that. These are the ladies who will bend over and take every command you have for them without even blinking an eye unless you ask them to.

Because this practice is part of this prestigious agency it will allow you to explore their domination fantasies in a safe and controlled environment. Where there will be nothing but moans of pleasure once the night is over and you end up finishing everything your blue balls have been holding back. 

Undoubtedly London is a city that is in constant development not only in tourism but also in social issues. People are starting to think in different ways, basic sex is a thing of the past and new exciting practices are making them break out of the mold and dare to break all kinds of barriers. If your fantasies are very different from those of your friends, family or colleagues, if your thing is not just to have a threesome but to get into something darker, these girls will be able to satisfy your desires.

Things to do with your Submission London Escorts

What kind of things can you do with a submissive lady? Well, there are different types of submissive escorts that you can find in our gallery, it all depends on the type of service that best suits your specific needs.  This will include exciting activities that you are sure to be familiar with and if not because you are still a beginner or it is your first time trying it here are a few to get you acquainted: light domination, light fetish play, tying, and teasing, light spanking, role-play scenarios and allowing yourself to be worshipped.

But some of our other partners won’t be playing around and will allow you to explore as much as you need or get turned on by taking the experience to the end with corporal punishment, full spanking, bondage, and all kinds of BDSM play that is completely customized. We know that even though London is a very big city not everyone will allow it, fortunately, we have the naughty, open-minded, and masochistic ones who are ready to take it all to the next level.

Another fun aspect our submissive women can offer you is their willingness to role play. We offer several role-play-based services and you can combine the two for a truly epic fantasy scenario. The games will be completely healthy, safe, and consensual, even though we know that borderline pain can be a very exciting experience.

So you can have the sexy nurse, the misbehaving schoolgirl who needs to be punished, the disobedient secretary who may be about to lose her job, the cop who wants to be handcuffed and tied to the bed, the sexy firefighter who needs the fire inside her put out, and many others. The possibilities are endless and you can create your perfect fantasy to play the role of master.

Say goodbye to boring services and enter the real world where there is a fine line between pain and pleasure. They will put at your disposal all the toys and elements you need so you can try everything within your reach. 

Not to mention that they are perfect to take to different occasions where you need to have an elegant, beautiful, and sensual woman by your side. Whether it’s a dinner, event, concert, bar, vacation, and much more. What will happen in the privacy of your room will be a secret that they will keep and that you will remember with smiles. 

Where to book a Submission London Escorts

If you were looking for a place to book Submission Escorts London then you are in the right place.  You will have the most beautiful and at the same time the largest variety of girls for this special category. 100 kisses Escort Agency is here to be number one in the industry!

Our beautiful companions crave punishment and need a firm hand to give it to them. Who better than you to make that happen? Take the initiative and show your London escort who’s in charge. Unleash your inner dominant tonight with one of our innocent and submissive women.

Desiring such an experience is essential, it can all start because you have felt the attraction to submission, pain, and humiliation or because you simply have a fantasy that needs to be catered for immediately. Thanks to our friendly receptionists you will have all the information you need without any problem to live what you have been waiting for. 

They will help you during the process if you have any doubts that you want to solve, and they will advise you which girl can be the best option according to your requirements. The attraction to explore and feel things like losing control once you have the girl of your dreams at your disposal is something we can understand perfectly and that is why our only goal will be to help you with that. 

After that everything will be simpler as you will only have to enjoy an amazing experience with the submissive escorts in London, they will leave many positive words to say and it is something you will want to shout from the rooftops, not to mention that it will be an amazing memory you will have in your mind. Book today and make your dreams come true!

Why Submission London Escorts are the best choice for a date?

Our submission girls are not only perfect for a date but any kind of occasion. You can not only enjoy your hot bodies inside the room but you can also take them for a ride to different parts of the city where you are. 

It is worth mentioning that they are professionals in this practice and can help you if you are a beginner to have the best experience possible. They are very friendly; they love to please every wish of the client. Assuming the role of the master can be fun, but you should also keep in mind that the safety of both of you is really important, so together with them, you will be able to establish certain keywords when starting the appointment.

They will ask you what she is comfortable with and what her limits are. Both of you will feel more at ease afterward. It is also interesting to mention what your intentions are before booking your submissive escort and this way we will make sure to make our girls comply perfectly. 

Benefits of Dating with Submission London Escorts

The moment you decide to make fulfilling your fantasies a priority, you are entering a world where you can explore different benefits for your health, not only physically but also mentally. Thanks to our submission ladies you will be able to fulfill your wildest desires while releasing endorphins important for your performance during the evening and the rest of the day.

Being able to do whatever you want makes you a happier, more self-confident, and determined person who can achieve anything you set your mind to.  You will be in a better physical condition and as an important fact, what better benefit than having a girl willing to do whatever you order. 

She exists to please and gets pleasure from being dominated. A genuine submissive partner is a real-life masochist. Masters looking for a slave who would obviously not question authority and submits easily should work with reliable escort service in London, and for that 100 kisses Escort Agency comes into play; to recommend a submissive servant trained to enjoy the difference between pleasure and pain.

When you have our girls in your room always remember that the sky is the limit. You will decide if you want to see her naked and you don’t have to ask twice. You can demand as much as your body demands to see the real benefits, if you like role-playing you will be more than satisfied with our companions who are ready for action.