Being a submissive or slave is a whole erotic experience that includes many types of games. Some games may involve cigarettes or vape, and Smoking Fetish Escorts London know very well how to use it. Many of them are also skilled in the art of BDSM. They can be the dominatrices you desire and also satisfy that need and fetish you have for women who smoke.


These sexy dominatrices will be able to do many things, including some humiliation and pain to give you a better experience. Sex and passion go very well with pain, and even more so if it is applied by a lady who really knows what she is doing and makes the most of all that fun and sex time.


They will be able to blow cigarette smoke up your face if you want one of the lighter domination practices that involve cigarettes. You will feel lucky to inhale the smoke coming from the lips of the Smoking Fetish Escort London. You can also practice a bit of smoky asphyxia for those who are more daring.


One of the favourite practices of many submissives is when they are burned with cigarettes. They really know how to enjoy what the pain can do to them, and it turns them on as nothing else can. Others prefer to be ashtrays for the dominatrices of their choice. Best of all, that experience with lots of salivae just causes a very tantalizing and exciting pain.

Many other sex games involve cigarettes, and they are all very exciting when applied by professionals like the ladies who are available to you. You can have punishments and rewards from a strong woman determined to give you the kind of pleasure you need.


Having one of the best submissive experiences you could wish for with one of the Smoking Fetish Escorts London will be a magnificent, pleasurable and very exciting time that you will always want to relive. Getting your ideal girl to be the mistress of your fantasies will not be complicated at all, you just have to find the one you like the most and give free rein to your inner submissive.

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