When we talk about watersports we are not referring to the typical physical activity they can be done in the water. This practice does include liquids and being wet, but it certainly has nothing to do with waters and swimming costumes. This activity is related to the fetish of being pissed or pissing on someone, it can also be related to other fluids such as squirt. This is also known as golden shower and yes our Watersport Escorts in London will be willing to do it to satisfy you.

This is one of the most intimate sexual practices you can share with our girls, and it encompasses a great aspect of a golden shower. Some gentlemen prefer to pee on the girl of their desire, others prefer to be peed on by a sensual girl. No matter what you like more, both can be fulfilled by these ladies.

The excitement that amber nectar can produce is incredible, and watersport escorts in London know how to take advantage of it. The heat, the smell, or the sensations that it can produce in the people who practice it can be really sensational.

Many times this sexual fetish is associated with domination because of the fact of “making territory” by urinating on the person who generates the sexual attraction, and it is also associated with submission because being urinated on and enjoying fort ending with him is an unbelievable demonstration of obedience.

The experience of watersports is something out of this world and that the most daring know how to take advantage of. This applies especially if you have enough time to relax and enjoy the whole experience. So it is always recommended to schedule the necessary time to just concentrate on enjoying the sensual girl you chose and everything you are going to do.

Enjoy watersports session with one of our Watersport Escorts here in London will be one of the best things that can happen to you, so dare to give it a try and fulfil all your fetish desires.